A Model of Building Ontologies for a Tourism Portal in Description Logic

  • Anriette BISHARA


In this paper, we present a model of building ontologies for Semantic Web Portal, based on the Description Logics. Semantic Web Portal is a web page, based on Semantic Web Technologies, since the traditional current web programming only allows for describing the layout of Web pages, but not their semantic content, therefore the main reason for using Semantic Web Technologies that is human readable information is accompanied by machine-readable information, usually written in ontologies, for building Web Ontology Languages (OWL) we chose Protégé. The topic of our web portal is tourism in Georgia, where the user can automatically plan trips (the places to visit in Georgia), and this portal can be applied to any country in the world but we chose Georgia as an example.

Keywords: Description Logics (DL), Georgian Tourism Application, Protégé, Semantic Web Portal, Semantic Web Technologies, Web Ontology Languages (OWL)