About One NoSQL Mechanism For Accessing Panel Data


  • Zaza Gamezardashvili Caucasus University, Caucasus School of Technologies
  • Giorgi Ghlonti International Black Sea University
  • Hakan Ergun International Black Sea University


In the presented paper, the problems connected with the support of the life cycle of information resource represented by panel data are considered. An example of a logical markup of a statistical document emerged at the stage of information resource planning is given, as well as a relational formalism describing the structure of the statistical table included in the document. Examples of NoSQL statements for data manipulation and processing, based on this relational formalism are presented. The problem of building a cyber infrastructure intended for the accumulation and distribution of an analytical information resource is discussed.

Keywords: Panel data; Information resource lifecycle; Multidimensional data model. Relational formalism; NoSQL mechanism

Author Biographies

Zaza Gamezardashvili, Caucasus University, Caucasus School of Technologies

Assist. Prof. Dr

Giorgi Ghlonti, International Black Sea University

Assoc. Prof. Dr

Hakan Ergun, International Black Sea University