Virtualization Technology | Revolution of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


  • Medhat A. Mousa International Black Sea University


Virtualization technology is a vital technology in the current datacenter, and according to the rapid business growth that includes Physical Server-Client and other network devices, therefore Virtualization technology vendors have developed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) approach to overcome this issue by simplifying integration of the management process from workstation perspective as well as increasing the end user experience. Physical Hardware consumption such as shared storage is a problematic point and hard to solve, especially in the Small Medium Business infrastructure in this paper there is a project and its proposed solution, the solution has conducted by an experiment in order to show VDI development process. The paper show a significant Result compared to the traditional solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Also there are some simple recommendations regarding shared storage replacement with the local storage.

Author Biography

Medhat A. Mousa, International Black Sea University

PHD candidate of the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering