Comparison of University Entrance Examination Scores with Graduate Students GPA and Effects on Students Success

  • Mehtap Erguven International Black Sea University


Choosing talented students is very essential and critical issue for each university. The International Black Sea University (IBSU) uses some measurements to choose and admit students like other universities. Before the National Unified Entrance Examination (NUEE), the Georgia Ministry of Education and Science, asks the IBSU for the coefficients of the Georgian Language, Logic, English Language and Mathematics which were written in this examination. The purpose of the present article is to decide an optimal distribution of these coefficients to accept students to the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering (CTandE) and to the Faculty of Business and Management (BandM). This paper finds and compares correlation between the scores of NUEE and grade point average (GPA) of university diploma of the students of two faculties. Among prior academic achievement measures, University exam scores were examined to predict graduate students GPA. The correlation and regression analysis indicates that there is low positive correlation between university entrance exam score and university GPA. Optimal weights were found for the given categories of NUEE.

Author Biography

Mehtap Erguven, International Black Sea University
PHD candidate and research assistant of the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering