Solving Bernoulli Type Differential Equations Using a Maple Graphical User Interface (GUI) Application


  • isa muslu University of International Ataturk-Alatoo



Maple, Maplets, Education, Calculus, Differential Equations, Bernoulli Differential Equations


Maplets are Java applets, which are written with Maple that hold all the algebraic computational power of Maple. A Maplet contains one or more windows, which interact with the user by means of buttons, checkboxes, text fields, and other standard graphical controls. Almost all of the Maplets that are available with Maple either display something or compute something; it helps to avoid the standard Maple syntax. The Maplets try to improve the students’ intuitive and computational abilities while covering graphical, numerical, and analytical aspects. In this paper, we represent a Maplet application “Solutions of Bernoulli Differential Equations”. The Maplet was developed to solve and to teach the solution methods of a Bernoulli Equation. How to use the developed Maplet was explained in the paper. The developed Maplet for Solving Bernoulli type of equations is pedagogical that they ask a student to do something, provide some hints and guidance along the way, and inform the student if their responses are correct or incorrect. It is also possible to see the graph of the solution displayed on the interface as well.

Author Biography

isa muslu, University of International Ataturk-Alatoo