Spline Interpolation Techniques

  • Erdogan KAYA


This article belongs to an area of computer technologies and engineering, and discusses four different spline interpolation methods(linear, quadratic, cubic and cubic Hermite) for chemical engineering application, applied on spray dryer case. In the articleGUI (graphical user interface) is coded in Matlab. It is designed to test four interpolation methods and compares them. Within Matlab,GUI tools enable you to perform tasks such as creating and customizing plots, curves and surfaces, and analyzing and filteringsignals. In the article, interpolation techniques are discussed by using the data sets from any experimental results. Finally, A SplineGUI is developed for the end-users to interpolate their own experimental data sets. Users need to enter their experimental data to thescreen. After that by clicking push buttons, they can plot the spline method desired. If the user clicks on the check button, answerscan be plotted in an external figure window as well. The figure can be saved or copied to Clipboard.