Computer Network and Computer Grid Joins to E-Learning

  • Tinatin Mshvidobadze Faculty of Social Sciences at Gori University
Keywords: Grid computing, protocol, topology, different types


According to the development of communications and web-based technologies in recent years, e-Learning has became very important for everyone and is seen as one of the most dynamic teaching methods. Grid computing is a pattern for increasing the computing power and storage capacity of a system and is based on hardware and software resources in a network with common purpose. In the present article grid architecture is shown and its different layers are described. This layer is heart of grid learning architecture and, in fact, regardless of this layer, e-Learning based on grid architecture will not be feasible.

Author Biography

Tinatin Mshvidobadze, Faculty of Social Sciences at Gori University
Doctor of Technical Science Georgia, Gori University - Asociate Professo