Analysis of Relationships Among the Characterizing Factors of Regional Stable Development

  • Zurab GASITASHVILI Prof. Dr., Faculty of Technical Science
  • Mzia KIKNADZE Prof. Dr., Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems
Keywords: Region Stable Development, Goals Tree, Local Goal, Global Goal, Region Development Model


The stable development of regional economics requires research and analysis based on the set of management scenarios. Implementation of the latter can be achieved by building stable development models. They will allow us to select the best scenarios taking into account the mentality of our country and implement forecast of region stable development.
The problems of building research and analysis models for the effective planning of region stable development based on situation self-development scenario and control impact on it is considered in the paper.
In weakly structured organizational systems the need of making decision in course of control process appears. Situation development laws and patterns are described in qual-itative manner. In situations where dynamics of their development is not subject of any patterns experts and analytics take part. They use their own experience and intuition when making decisions.

Author Biographies

Zurab GASITASHVILI, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Technical Science
Georgian Technical University
Mzia KIKNADZE, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems
Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Georgian Technical University,