Some Formal Aspects of Tedmon’s Kinetics: Growth and Sublimation of Ge3N4

  • Irakli NAKHUTSRISHVILI Ph.D, Senior Researcher of Institute of Cybernetics
Keywords: Scale Sublimation, Tedmon’s Kinetic, Thermogravimetric Curves, Ge3N4.


The work considers the formal kinetics of growth of a scale with its simultaneous sublimation.
The basis of the model is the power (parabolic, cubic) law of the mass gain of
system “metal (alloy) – scale”, with the input of an additional parameter – rectilinear
constant of the speed of the process. The gained equations are used to describe the
growth of Ge3N4 on the surface of monocrystalline germanium in humid ammonia with simultaneous sublimation of nitride.

Author Biography

Irakli NAKHUTSRISHVILI, Ph.D, Senior Researcher of Institute of Cybernetics
Georgian Technical University