Analysis of Correction in Automatic Control Systems with Root Locus


  • Ketevan Kotrikadze Georgian Technical University
  • Omar Kotrikadze Georgian Technical University
  • Aleksandre Demetrashvili Georgian Technical University



The article addresses the major challenges of automated control systems and solutions. One way is to choose the appropriate correction for the system and analyze parameters. For the synthesis of corrective device parameters, the article uses the root locus method.Root locus can be constructed by changing one or more parameter, which allows a thorough analysis of the stability of the system.In article one of the types the integrating corrective scheme with r, L, C source of an input signal is considered. The problem of synthesis of parameters of an integrated corrective scheme with root locus is is solved; The root locus is constructed, and with their help, the possibility of the approach of roots of the characteristic equation, to roots of the ideal transfer function is considered.

Keywords: Control systems, automatic control system, correction, root locus, synthesis parameters.

Author Biographies

Ketevan Kotrikadze, Georgian Technical University

Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Omar Kotrikadze, Georgian Technical University

Prof. Dr.

Aleksandre Demetrashvili, Georgian Technical University

Ph.D. c.