A Mechanical Analogy to Optical Phenomenon for General Physics Courses


  • Avtandil Bakhtadze International Black Sea University, Computer




Mechanical analogy to optical phenomenon, momentum, Self Induced Transparency effect, physics courses, laser pulse.


The brief review is given about the role of analogues in teaching practice. Further, the new mechanical - optical analogy is proposed for a phenomenon of the propagating short, intense, and coherent laser pulse through optically resonant medium of atoms (Self Induced Transparency effect) and on the passage of massive ball through the system of pendulums. The analytical solutions are derived for mechanical model, which is within the scope of student’s abilities: as prerequisite, all what they have to remember is treating collisions in one-dimensional situation based on conservation laws of energy, momentum, and linear momentum. The derived solutions explicitly indicate the similarity between passing (under some constraints between the parameters of system) of laser pulse through the medium and massive ball through the system of pendulums without loss of energy. The positive outcomes for teaching process are briefly discussed. 

Author Biography

Avtandil Bakhtadze, International Black Sea University, Computer

A Professor