Apache Kafka - Real-time Data Processing

  • Nodar MOMTSELIDZE International Black Sea University
  • Ana TSITSAGI International Black Sea University
Keywords: Messaging, Website activity tracking, Log aggregation, Stream Processing


Apache Kafka is creating a lot of buzz these days. While LinkedIn, where Kafka was founded, is the most well known user, there are many companies that use this technology successfully. Kafka has several features that make it a good t for companies' requirements: scalability, data partitioning, low latency, and the ability to handle large number of diverse consumers. It works with Apache Storm and Apache Spark for real-time analysis and rendering of streaming data. The combination of messaging and processing technologies enables stream processing at linear scale. Common use cases include: Messaging, Website activity tracking, Log aggregation, Stream Processing, Commit log.

Author Biographies

Nodar MOMTSELIDZE, International Black Sea University

Prof. Nodar Momtselidze Professor at the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering

Ana TSITSAGI, International Black Sea University
Senior student at International Black Sea University on COmputer Technologies and Engineering Faculty